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Hi, and welcome to our Li'l Texas Miniature Horses website. We hope you enjoy your visit here. We are located in the northeast corner of Texas just outside the small town of New Boston. New Boston is about 22 miles west of Texarkana, TX/AR on I-30. My husband and I are retired now but for several years before retirement my husband kept talking about having something to do when he did retire. We had raised quarter horses, for our own pleasure, for some years when we were younger but he didn't want to tackle anything that large again. He had mentioned miniature horses quite a few times and I would always just ignore him. Well, one day he starts tearing down old fences and building new fences. I couldn't ignore him anymore! He had me out there helping him! Anyway, one day he brought home a tiny little pregnant sorrel mare with a month old pinto filly by her side. That was our start in miniature horses.
His next outing he came home with a trailer full of miniature horses. He had bought a gorgeous little stallion and four mares. We were really growing!! Next time out, he came home with five mares, all beautiful and all pregnant. Well, here we are today, just got through building a nice new barn. We love our miniatures and enjoy them so much. My husband calls the mares his "girls". The worst thing about our little venture is having to sell the babies. We just fall in love with every one that hits the ground. Once again, hope you enjoy our site and we would really like for you to sign our Guest Book below.


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